Villa Cavalieri Country Hotel

Our hotel is managed with passion and commitment, just like it once was the horse breeding house, in the middle of nowhere, between the mountains and the sea, where the horses raised the dust like in the wild west, training for the biggest riding competitions.

From the 1890 when the first stone was put to the foundation of the first villa the structure changed, year by year, until it became, in the 1950, one of the most famous horse breeding houses in Sardinia, the house where a new breed was created the so renowned Anglo-Arabo-Sardo.
New spaces were created, old spaces dusted and returned to the origins for today to become a little country hotel named Villa Cavalieri.

We are the middleman. We offer you shelter, water and food so you can add a piece of new adventure to your life story.

With 14 rooms, some of them new, some of them impossible to modify without ruining their personalities, with a large land of 10 acres, 2 artificial lakes, a botanic garden, a unique design, a restaurant that makes us travel back in time to the “Belle Epoque” and a secret pool, our country hotel welcomes all travelers of the planet to live and breathe, even for just one day, the perfume and the so desired “dolce vita”.

Perfect moments of ‘dolce vita’

Respect for nature, harmony, simplicity and extravagance, this are the 4 stars of our Country Hotel.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can reach excellence.