Services and amenities

We know how important your holiday is for you, we know that you have planned and researched, prepared, and waited so much for the first day of freedom.

We know you need to relax, to enjoy yourself and create exciting new memories in a couple of days, and we know how to do it.

We know our guest need a big parking lot inside the hotel, free Wi-Fi everywhere, an extraordinary breakfast served indoor or in the garden, a safe and peaceful space to relax and dream outside your room, a reliable transfer service, a fast room service, a restaurant that delights you with heavenly flavors and a fine collection of local wines.




Room services

We know our guests need proper rooms with all the comfort, minibar, smart tv, air conditioning, a kettle or a coffee machine, a laundry service, a nice collection of courtesy products, hair dryer, fresh towels and warm blankets.